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Bold All-in-1 - 48 Pods - Washing Capsules - 12s×4

Bold All-in-1 - 48 Pods - Washing Capsules - 12s×4

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With Bold All-in-1 PODS® washing liquid capsules laundry detergent Lavender & Camomile, escape to a magical field of lavender! An invigorating fragrance inspired by Lavender combined with refreshing Green Tea. Bold All-in-1 PODS® have a unique three-chamber design, that comes with brilliant cleaning even in a cold wash as well as built-in fabric softener – for cleaner, fresher and softer feeling clothes than ever before. Upon contact with water, their 100% water-soluble film fully dissolves to release powerful stain-removing technologies, offering Bold deepest and strongest All-in-1 PODS® clean. On top, Bold washing liquid capsules can now help reduce plastic thanks to their recyclable ECOCLIC cardboard box! It only contains maximum 5% plastic, designed to preserve your PODS®. WARNING! This product may be harmful and could cause serious injury. Always keep Bold All-in-1 PODS® washing capsules laundry detergent out of reach of children. Visit for more information.

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