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Marigold Gloves Pair (Box of 6)

Marigold Gloves Pair (Box of 6)

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Why Marigold?
Lots of reasons. Dipped three times for extra protection and durability, our Extra-Life Kitchen gloves have special roll top cuffs that stay up, an anti-slip pattern to give you more grip and an extra comfy cotton lining. Our gloves also protect your hands and nails from domestic detergents and hot water.

Marigold transforms the dullest chore into one with a sense of purpose, pride and deep satisfaction. We call it the Marigold cleaning glow.

  • For a brighter clean
  • A brand of Freudenberg
  • Latex free
  • Super-strong but gentle
  • Longer cuffs, cotton-lined, double layered

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